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Merci pour votre envoi !

About us

Pizza is one of those foods that seems to be universally loved, whether you're a fan of deep dishes or baked dough covered in sticky cheese and your favorite topping.

He may be from Italy, but these days you can get seriously delicious deals much closer to home. In fact, Switzerland is full of brilliant pizzerias, classic dishes with gastronomic twists.

Pizza Good opened its doors in Gampelen, also known as the Champion, our concept is to use our fresh local seasonal vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat depending on availability. We work with our local farmers and favor their products. We also innovate our pizzas with other colorful ingredients from different cultures.

Pizza Good is a family-run establishment owned by a group of professional partners with a long-term investment, vision and close collaboration with all of our local farmers, suppliers and other related partners. At Pizza Good, we believed that we had to work as a team to achieve our goals, which translated into customer satisfaction.

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